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Michelle Lewis is running US Senate in North Carolina as an Unaffiliated candidate. Under NC law, she qualified as an official write-in candidate. Lewis says she was motivated to run for office after the killing Andrew Brown by law enforcement in Pasquotank County. Also, the Washington Examiner reports: Police officers across the nation are leaving their […]

Shannon Bray (Libertarian) and Matthew Hoh (Green) are running for the US Senate in North Carolina. They have not been invited to debate the Democrat and Republican candidates. They say it’s one example of how the two-party duopoly prevents challengers from undermining the system that is rigged in favor of the two major political parties.

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory discusses his campaign for US Senate.

Former NC Congressman Mark Walker discusses the final days of his campaign for US Senate and the importance of articulating an argument for conservatism. Plus, the races and candidates NC voters will decide during the ongoing primary election.

Three of the top four GOP candidates for NC’s US Senate seat debated last night. The frontrunner did not show – skipping all three of the scheduled debates so far.

Pete spends the hour playing excerpts of the hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson and discussing some of the comments.


Robinson went on to say that he will keep his promises to the people of the Tar Heel State and focus on getting Republicans elected in 2022, both in the state legislature and in Congress. "I did not seek elected office for personal fame or fortune – I did it to serve the people of this state and nation," he said.

The Bo Thompson Morning Show

Tomorrow, I will decide whether to stay a part of the top-rated morning radio show in Charlotte or take our fight to Washington with the possibility of becoming your next Senator. It's a tough decision and one I've been weighing since I lost my Gubernatorial race to Roy Cooper four years ago. 


The addition of Trump is noteworthy because she's the first member of the former president's family to hold a paid role with Fox News since he left office. She reportedly is also mulling a U.S. Senate run in her home state next year. Fox News will likely cut ties with Trump, if she officially announces her candidacy.