Meet a guy who’s developed a tasty sauce that goes on everything. And his parents . . . are crossing the state to get any store they can find to carry it . . . . . it’s even sold in barbershops. Great story of a family working together.

On this week’s edition of Success at Six Mark Garrison heads to a campground in Laurel Springs, North Carolina — where you can stay in a vintage camper, buy a 100-year-old wedding dress or peruse 30,000 albums!  

On this week’s edition of “Success at Six,” on Charlotte at Six Mark Garrison tells the story of a woman taking her talent and passion for hot dogs on the road.

On this week’s edition of Success at Six with Mark Garrison, Mark catches up with one of Santa’s busiest helpers who is going gangbusters once again following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. sets up a big ol’ Christmas tree, but have you ever thought about where it comes from? On this week’s Success at Six, Mark Garrison tells the story of this year’s Capitol Christmas Tree travelling from Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.

Many different things draw people to the local fair: rides, games, live music and especially food. Mark Garrison met with one newcomer to the fair food game who is watering mouths with delicious dishes at the North Carolina State Fair this year.

How far would you drive…for fresh pork? Well thousands of people plan trips to a little farm in Eastern North Carolina for everything from ribs and bacon to pork skins. Mark Garrison first discovered this pork-center 30 years ago doing a television story. Now, he revisits the Nahunta Pork Center. They’re still going strong, selling […]

You won’t find the best franks in Charlotte at the grocery store, in a restaurant or even at the ballpark. Mark Garrison takes you to a food cart in West Charlotte that will fill your heart and stomach — and won’t leave your wallet empty!

You may not know his name, but you absolutely know his restaurants. Mark Garrison introduces us to a man who thought he’d become a lawyer — but ended up in the restaurant business after serving his mother’s recipes in a frat house.

Mark Garrison introduces us to a young man in Charlotte who had a flash inspiration one day when he saw some window-washers uptown. Suddenly his imagination began soaring to new heights…and so did his business.