Another example of how our culture is failing men, by leaving them desperate for purpose and untrained to be protectors. Also, Rep. Dan Bishop’s floor speech from the House where he blamed the progressive project for destabilizing the society.

North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop discusses what a woman is, the leaking of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs draft opinion, and the NC primary election results.

NC Rep. Dan Bishop said he exposed the radicals advising DC Democrats on abortion laws. A Charlotte Observer editor is not happy with him.

Congressman Dan Bishop (NC-09) joins Vince to talk about Joe Biden's failures handling Russia's escalation with Ukraine and says you can draw lines back to the US' bumbled exit from Afghanistan. 

Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09/NC-08 candidate In 2022) joins Pete and reveals that he's filing a federal lawsuit against the NC Supreme Court over their court order delaying candidate filing for Congressional seats for North Carolina.