Lis Wiehl is a former federal prosecutor and legal analyst for media outlets including FOX, CNN, and PBS. She has a new book “A Spy in Plain Sight: The Inside Story of the FBI and Robert Hanssen – America’s Most Damaging Russian Spy.”

Former Chief of Staff to President Trump has apparently been on the voting rolls in a third state. Also, a Surry County GOP official threatened an elections official to gain access to voting machine tabulators; and McCrae Dowless dies.

POLITICO publishes old photos of Rep. Madison Cawthorn on a cruise ship where he played a scavenger hunt game that ended up with him wearing a lingerie top and a bra.

A study by two political scientists found that FOX News viewers adopted different opinions about current events when they were paid to watch CNN for a month. In an attempt to dunk on FOX, CNN’s Brian Stelter embarrasses himself.

Twitter appears ready to accept the offer from Elon Musk to buy the social media company. What could it mean for the users, the platform, and competitors?

Charlotte Democrats have their own “Never Trump Moment” in the upcoming Democratic primary. Will they prove that they’re better than the MAGA voters they mocked? Plus, NC Gov. Roy Cooper shows up in a ranking for potential nominees for President?! But why? Is Biden not going to make a re-election bid?

Florida lawmaker passed a law eliminating Disney World’s special self-governing privileges after the entertainment giant caved to leftist employees and activists and took a political position on an anti-grooming law. These look a lot like Leftist tactics being adopted by the Right.

Disney jumped into a political fight over a Florida law aimed at preventing teachers from talking to K-3 students about sex. In response, the state legislature yanked the corporate giant’s privileged self-government district.

WRAL’s coverage of North Carolina’s US Senate GOP debate is indicative of the gaslighting opponents of Critical Race Theory face.

Corey Vaillancourt from Smoky Mountain News discusses a complaint from a former employee of Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC). She says she was illegally denied leave under FMLA and that the Western NC Congressman is a “habitual liar.”