North Carolina ranks #2 in America for economic prospects. Plus, dogs get cleared for outdoor dining. But not cats. Listen Here:

After years of not caring what San Francisco government officials think about North Carolina, the leftist city leaders are scrapping their ineffective and self-sabotaging boycott of travel to the Tar Heel state. Listen Here:

Two proposals making their way through the North Carolina legislature’s two chambers would greatly expand the existing school voucher system. The Republican lawmakers appear likely to have enough votes to override the Democrat Governor’s veto. Listen Here:

The North Carolina state senate is advancing a bill to limit girls sports to biological girls. Boys who identify as girls would need to play on boys teams, co-ed teams, or transgender teams. Listen Here:

State-level reforms are attracting people to North Carolina. Take the win, conservatives! Plus, the ACLU is suing the NC Attorney General and three District Attorneys over a new law that increases penalties for rioting. It appears to be a new “sue and settle” strategy. Listen Here:

The North Carolina House of Representatives has passed two resolutions in support of an Article V Convention of States. Now it’s up to the state Senate to follow suit. Listen Here:

The new Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party has been on the job only a few weeks, but has already succeeded in giving the Republicans a supermajority in the House. Listen Here:

North Carolina state lawmakers are running a bill that would prevent biological males from competing against biological females in school athletics. Listen Here:

Andrew Dunn from Longleaf Politics (and former comms guy for former NC Lt. Gov. Dan Forest) discusses NC Treasurer Dale Folwell’s “narrow path to victory” now that he officially announced his run for North Carolina Governor in 2024. His GOP primary opponent is expected to be the current Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. Listen Here:

The North Carolina General Assembly passed one of the most lenient Voter ID laws in America – using court-approved legislation from other states, but leftist lawyers in robes still struck down the law. After Republicans won control of the state Supreme Court, lawmakers have another chance at getting the law enacted. Listen Here: