In this hour, the latest CDC guidelines on Monkeypox. More on Paul Pelosi pleading guilty to a DUI charge. Plus, the senate race in Florida is heating up.

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett talks about the Monkeypox situation in Charlotte following this past weekend’s Pride celebrations. Brett shares some of the facts he finds surprising as well as plays some of the most and least informative parts of the press conference.

In this hour, Covid numbers on the rise again. Who will the Dems back in the 2024 election? Also, could Monkeypox cause another lockdown?

In this hour, more on the devastating school shooting in Texas as well as gun control. Also, more on the recent monkeypox outbreak.

Vince reviews the current monkeypox outbreak and what we know about it. Later in the hour, Vince disagrees with Senator Jim Clyburn’s comments on race.