Dr. Andy Jackson, Director of the Civitas Center for Public Integrity at the John Locke Foundation, discusses the US Supreme Court’s ruling in the North Carolina case that tested whether slate legislatures have wide latitude to draw federal congressional districts. Listen Here:

John Hood, a columnist, co-founder of the John Locke Foundation, and author of the latest book “Forest Folk” discusses the historical fantasy series – and how they help convey the ideals of America.

In segment one Pete talks with Mitch Kokai, of The John Locke institute, and The Carolina Journal about the status of the Voter ID law that was voted in but not in effect. The remainder of the show was dedicated to explaining how the law has become entangled in the legal system and who is […]

Carolina Journal's Becki Gray joins Pete for another update on the budget proposal sitting on Governor Roy Cooper's desk and says many in Raleigh are getting frustrated with Cooper's inaction and his numerous vetoes of the bill.