Mecklenburg County Commissioner Pat Cotham joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman saying that her daughter Tricia Cotham, member of the NC House of Representatives from the 112th district, was motivated to switch her political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican due to threats, being ordered around and being made to feel unwelcome in the Democratic caucus.

In the third hour of the program, NC-11 Congressman Madison Cawthorn joins Pete to talk about his decision to run for Mecklenburg County's new NC-13 District in 2022, and takes listener reaction throughout the hour after the interview. Pete talks about Cawthorn's reasons for switching districts and asks listeners how confident they are in the young Congressman potentially representing Charlotte in Washington. 


The chamber voted 230-199 to remove Greene from the budget and education committees, with 11 Republicans breaking ranks to side with Democrats. She'll now be left out of several key agenda meetings and the ability to sponsor legislation or work with other lawmakers. All coming within her first weeks of being in office.