Mark Pellin from Headline USA discusses President Joe Biden’s raid on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Its the largest drawdown of America’s oil reserve in history and is expected to drain the resources to a 40-year low just ahead of the midterm elections. Biden’s SPR raids are slated to end next month and industry experts have […]

A recent story in South Carolina shows that Daniel’s Law gives parents a choice other than abortion. A highly religious university in New York makes the case that having an LGBTQ group on campus would contradict their religious convictions. One Supreme Court Justice speaks out in favor of the university. The International Organization for Standardization approves a […]

In this hour, Vince discusses the major issues most Americans are facing. Also, more on the SCOTUS ruling in favor of states against the EPA and Biden’s climate change agenda.

My latest WBT podcast Nebulous Ramblings 92: Slip of the Tongue Confirmation - President Biden's press secretary has a Freudian slip that actually confirms something we already knew. 

While the Biden Administration is blaming oil companies for high gas prices, the companies are not to blame for inflated costs of energy.

In this hour, It’s primary election day in SC. President Biden’s policies have led to the energy crisis. Plus, Wednesday’s January 6th hearings are postponed.

North Carolina Democratic lawmakers say the state should give everyone with a driver license $200 to help pay for skyrocketing gas prices. This excludes undocumented drivers and is obviously a racist policy, as it relies on NCDLs for access.

In this hour, Vince discusses the recent shootings that took place in Texas and Oklahoma. Plus, the energy crisis and a potential economic disaster.

In this hour, Vince talks about the record voter turnout in Georgia. The Disinformation Governance Board. Plus, gas prices are only going to get worse.

In this hour gas prices, oil supplies are discussed iin addition to the expected ban on Russian oil imports by President Biden.