Accusations are going public in the wake of the firing of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Earnest Winston.

The comments by Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board Members about now-former Supt. Earnest Winston are scathing – painting a picture of an administration leader who was in over his head.

CMS School Board member Rhonda Cheek tals with Good morning BT about the dismissal of former CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston.

After firing Supt. Earnest Winston, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board announced an interim replacement (former CMS COO Hugh Hattabaugh), and released a detailed report on the reasons they dismissed Winston.

It’s official: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board voted today to fire Superintendent Earnest Winston.

Brett Jensen joins Good Morning BT to discuss CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston, his pending dismissal, and answers questions from callers.  

In the second hour of the show, Pete talks about a Charlotte Observer story that says Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools had access to funds for metal detectors, clear backpacks and other ways to combat the rising number of guns in their schools and instead spent that money elsewhere. 

In the second hour of the show, Pete - a concealed carry permit holder - actually has an ironic way that CMS Schools could fix their gun issues inside their walls - calling the NRA.

In the first hour of the show, Pete talks about the gun that went off at a CMS School to start the week and takes listener reactions on who should we find responsible for firearms finding their way into educational buildings.

In the first hour of the show, Vince talks about CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston's plea to parents about the rising number of guns being found in school backpacks, and what could be done to fix the school's problems.