One thing not being brought to the forefront of the conversation is the biometric data that has now been intercepted in the transition. A digital passport stored on centralized servers for millions of Afghans and American allies is now available to be used for potentially bad purposes. Theresa Payton explains how access of data left behind could lead to disaster.

"People used to watch the Olympics on traditional news networks on the TV," said Payton. "Now, they're watching on their computers, phones and tablets and it's not as obvious to see that someone is offering you a free way to watch the Olympics. They're there trying to get your personal information, if you do that."

In the U.S., contactless payments have gone up 150% since March 2019. In addition, 49 countries have announced contactless payment transaction limit increases, ranging from 25% to 400%, with an average of 131%, according to data by EMarketer.

Fortalice Solutions CEO Theresa Payton welcomed the New Year on WBT’s Bo Thompson Morning Show Wednesday. Among the top technology stories moving into 2021 are three that will have a lasting impact on the health and cybersecurity for all Americans. Those along with a fresh wipe for social media accounts belonging to the Oval Office.