The pandemic school lockdowns gave parents a new (and sometimes startling) view into what their kids’ classrooms were teaching. It prompted backlash over things like Critical Race Theory, Radical Gender Theory, and poor performance. And now, voters will be heading to the polls to register their opposition – or support. From the Carolina Journal: School […]

Ro Lawsin is a candidate for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board District One – a race that was just upended after the incumbent announced that she had changed her mind and would seek re-election.

Brad Slager, columnist at, discusses how businesses are starting to ignore journalists’ demands for them to take positions on controversial political topics. Also, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ clear backpack debacle.

The comments by Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board Members about now-former Supt. Earnest Winston are scathing – painting a picture of an administration leader who was in over his head.

After firing Supt. Earnest Winston, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board announced an interim replacement (former CMS COO Hugh Hattabaugh), and released a detailed report on the reasons they dismissed Winston.

It’s official: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board voted today to fire Superintendent Earnest Winston.


On Friday, CMS announced superintendent Earnest Winston would present a recommendation to move all middle and school students to Plan A, which involves no specific social distancing on campus. He is expected to put this on the table at the next CMS Board meeting on March 23. 


A campaign started by school teacher Rebecca Ivanov and the "CMS advocacy group for the in-person option" got over 2,000 parents and teachers to push for a traditional class option. Yard signs and billboards have gone up with the message that “Schools are safe and essential #InPersonOption #OpenCMS”