Pete responds to a “Program Director” email. Plus, the Charlotte City Council election is today, and Republicans need higher turnout if they stand a chance to take any of the At-Large seats.

Charlie Mulligan and Kyle Luebke discuss their campaign for Charlotte City Council, the transit system, crime, and whether to get rid of At-Large seats altogether. Plus, what the heck is wrong with CATS?!

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” ahead of the upcoming 2022 Charlotte City Council elections, Brett sat down with former City Councilor LaWana Mayfield, who is running for the position once again after losing her spot in 2019. Mayfield served as a councilor for eight years in Charlotte, and explains what motivated her to try […]

Segments one and two are discussing Patrick Cannon’s candidacy for Charlotte City Council. In segments three and four more on Patrick Cannon and additional candidate filings.