Former North Carolina Health and Human Services Secretary, Mandy Cohen, is rumored to be in line to lead the CDC, and now people from all over the nation are taking a look at how she handled the pandemic. Meanwhile, in a speech on the floor of the House, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) says two-year-olds should […]

The former North Carolina Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mandy Cohen, is reportedly going to be named the new Director of the CDC by President Joe Biden. That would make her the first CDC chief with her own theme song. Listen Here:

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announce new guidelines (that are remarkably similar to the guidelines “COVID deniers” proposed), there needs to be a real accounting of mistakes that were made. The purpose is not to impugn, but to ensure the mistakes are never made again.

I oppose the death penalty, but am willing to allow it for people who recline their seats on short airline flights – potentially injuring passengers sitting in the emergency exit seats (a/k/a: the Hero Seats). Plus, the CDC waves the white flag on COVID.

In this hour, Vince dives into the latest news involving Elon Musk. The CDC has been tracking millions of phones during Covid to see if citizens complied with their recommendation to stay home. Also, an assisted suicide recently took place in a Canadian church, Vince gives his thoughts.

During this hour Pete goes through the changes in North Carolina, Mecklinburg County, and the CDC are implementing on counting covid cases.

The hour is spent going over the various points of the news conference and comparing them to the playbook that the democrats are now using.

In the second hour of the show, Pete makes mention of the CDC admitting that cloth masks do not stop the spread of COVID 19 and says many in North Carolina owe gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest - who got crucified for this lack of faith in masks during his campaign - an apology. 


“This is not a decision that we or CDC have made lightly,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky. The CDC's director also noted that due to a high number of cases nationwide the agency is considering more steps to help curb the rate of infection."


In North Carolina, the figures are below the national average with 35.3% of the population fully vaccinated. A difference of 8% over the past month. As it stands currently, the state will surpass two-third of the adult population fully vaccinated by the middle of September.