A shootout on a Charlotte bus. The looting of a Lululemon store in Atlanta. The latest signs of a society that is losing its shared sense of trust and an expectation that we should follow laws. Listen Here:

The former CEO of the Charlotte Area Transit System says he didn’t want to get into the mudslinging over the system’s problems… but it was totally the fault of the procurement and HR departments for why he couldn’t manage the system properly. Listen Here:

Vince talks more about the latest classified documents leak. CBS reports: Fallout from the leaked trove of classified defense and intelligence documents continues, as some of the material purports to show possible surveillance by the U.S. of the United Nations secretary-general and a disagreement over the handling of a key initiative to help export grain from Ukraine amid Russia’s […]

WBTV investigative reporter David Hodges discusses the swirl of scandals, questions, and problems at Charlotte Area Transit System. Listen Here:  

Faulty bearings in every single CATS light rail car need to be replaced. So, the Charlotte Area Transit System is shipping every train to California to be repaired by the company that sold us the cars. Listen Here:

The Charlotte City Council learned last night about a light rail car derailment that occurred ten months ago. And how it was due to a faulty bearing. And how those bearings are in every one of the 42 light rail cars. And how they also need to replace one-third of the bus fleet. Listen Here:

A new study finds young adults don’t move very far away from where they grew up. Also, the Charlotte transit system is crumbling before our eyes.

If you have tried to use any of the Charlotte Area Transit System buses, you have probably noticed the service has NOT been the most reliable. Tonight on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett talks with WBT’s Joe Gillespie about the issues CATS is dealing with as well as what might be done to get them […]

At beginning of the hour Speaker Of The House Tim Moore joins to discuss the status of the Covid Bill. Pete discussed the anger about crime on CATS at the city council meeting last night.