Tune into Jen Houston and Marilynn Chadwick on WBT as they discuss all the different miracles that occurred during this time of the year, the story of Jesus birth, here in the First Sunday of Advent!

From David’s Team…a blessed Thanksgiving wish! Listen here for insights on why we should give thanks and to who… first and foremost our good Father in Heaven.

From David’s 2015 book “It’s How You Play the Game” – the 12 Leadership Principles of Dean Smith! David reviews the 3 key components of this wonderful book!

Author and preacher discusses her book with David as they go chapter by chapter! Excellent insights on “Living the Life God Created You For.”

David discusses the history of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present.  The how’s and whys that cause this hatred and what we as followers of Christ can do to confront this hatred.

David Chadwick

Manny Ohonme, Founder, President and CEO, Samaritan's Feet International

David Chadwick

Is Marxism the goal of the WOKE movement?

David Chadwick

The Congressman shares his thoughts on his time in Washington