Listen here for this Thursday edition the Vince Coakley Radio Program!

Vince starts the show by talking about the controversy between UNC Charlotte and parts of the student government over the Israel/Palestine conflict + his thoughts on how the university has handled the situation as well as how a university in California did essentially the opposite. We also take your calls on the situation before talking about a report that NATO won’t be putting boots on the ground in Ukraine.

In the second half of the program Vince kicks things off by discussing his spontaneous trip to Alexandria, Virginia to go see Incognito in concert before we dive into a conversation about the ever-increasing obstacles facing would-be home owners today.

We also talk about the Biden administrations decision to refill the emergency oil reserves in the United States or not + Vince shares the breaking news story that the CIA is warning Israel about retaliation from Iran within the next 48 hours for the strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria.