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This Saturday, we have the cleanest show in town this side of David Chadwick, which is also readily available on this very platform.

Alex from Shine of  ( ) Charlotte is kind enough to join David Dovell live in-studio, as Home Depot’s Super Expert John Gordon escapes the heat by dipping his toe down at the beach this weekend.

In the spirit of general repair, the first thing we do is fix our guest’s microphone stand. Afterward, Alex of Shine of Charlotte shares his extensive knowledge on the topic of cleanliness. With “Touch the glass last!” being words to work by.

Old-school caller “Gigi” gets some help cleaning her pool (the same advice just might work on the pool in your life). Turns out simple dish soap can go a long way, though a pressure washer can go even farther (speaking of which, please watch your ladder step when washing gutters). What happens next with “Clyde”‘s call? Well, let’s just say now he knows how to clear a breezeway…

It has been John & Dave’s honor to serve the WBT listeners for nearly three decades.