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Today we’re happy to have Dr. Bruce Bechtol make his return to The Brett Winterble Show to talk with Brett about the American solider defecting to North Korea.

Brett and Dr. Bechtol talk about the specifics of the story surrounding a member of the American military reportedly facing disciplinary charges at home who ditched his group at the airport and joined a tourist group before dashing across the DMZ + Dr. Bechtol goes into the history of Americans that have defected to North Korea before and what the eventual fallout was.

Dr. Bechtol also talks about the type of treatment the apparent defector can expect in North Korea as well as how the North Korean government could try to use the situation as propaganda.

Brett also asks about how this situation could easily escalated into a much larger international incident + Dr. Bechtol shares from personal experience what it actually is like day to day at the tense border between North and South Korea.