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Welcome back for another week on The Brett Winterble Show!

Brett kicks things off by sharing his thoughts on the state of the race for the GOP Presidential nomination and how the distance between Trump and the field is growing + how the gap could lead to Trump joining Biden in refusing to participate in debates. Brett also decides to “declare war on Canada,” after the latest bout of wildfire smoke that has reached Charlotte + his thoughts on their leader Justin Trudeau.

Brett also dives into a story about some in Gen-Z reverting back to flip phones in order to reduce their screen time + his thoughts on the “No Labels,” movement and the problem the “radical element,” poses + he also takes your calls on who could give Biden and Trump runs for their money in 2024.

Bo and Beth are on vacation this week, so instead Brett shares his take on the culture of people using their phones at concerts after a story came out about country singer Miranda Lambert chastising fans taking selfies at her show and the story of a flying burrito.