The CEO of TikTok testified before the U.S. Congress today. The Guardian reports: 

Members of the committee have cited a Wall Street Journal report that indicates China would oppose a forced sale of TikTok. 

“China’s Commerce Ministry said Thursday that a sale or divestiture of TikTok would involve exporting technology and had to be approved by the Chinese government,” the article reads. 

Rep. Michael Burgess said despite Chew’s assertions, China seems to believe its

in control of TikTok and its software.

Chew said that while TikTok is not available in mainland China, the founders of ByteDance are Chinese and they work with Chinese employees just like many companies around the world. 

Burgess has asked whether anyone from ByteDance “directly provide input, help or instruction for your testimony today”. Chew said he prepared for this hearing with his team in DC. 

As a reminder, ByteDance is TikTok’s parent company. 

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