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Brian Oravetz and John Rogers are the co-founders of Redo Voting, which bills itself as “The world’s first automated, completely auditable, digitally secure, large-scale voting system.”

REDO VOTING is the first fully automated, completely auditable, digitally secure, large-scale voting system in the world. It combines modern digital cryptography and data management technologies with secure paper documents/ballots to ensure an end-to-end, unbreakable chain-of-custody

REDO VOTING reduces the need for early voting, eliminates delays in tabulation, and allows for legal ballots (including absentee / military ballots) to be cast in real-time via a secure browser.

It detects and stops irregularities, is forensically auditable, and produces accurate results, all in real-time.

REDO VOTING provides 100% mathematical validation of every ballot.

REDO VOTING’s ballot is cryptographically assigned to YOU and only you. It is digitally tracked from the printer to the place you pick it up, and issued to you as a secure document with the same digital identification check used for purchasing cigarettes or alcohol. No one but you can use your registration because you establish a private, four-digit access PIN when you pick up your ballot. Additionally, no person or computer program can EVER connect you to your vote once cast because one-way encryption disassociates your identity from your ballot. The system only knows that your vote is cast from a legitimate registration, and it goes directly to your state’s repository.

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