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Election day! As results trickle in, below you will find all you need to know about each race.

Early voting in North Carolina began on October 20. The last day residents could vote early before Election Day was Saturday (November 5). More than 200,000 people voted early in the county, according to the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections.

Polls on Election Day in the state close at 7:30 PM. After voting ends, information may roll in quickly but some might take several days before we have the full picture.

Locally and nationally, voters have their eye on the competitive North Carolina senate race and a handful of House races. Here’s a guide to how NBC News calls races on election night.

North Carolina 2022 midterm election results (as of November 9 at 9:38 AM) :

North Carolina Senate Results

(D) Cheri Beasley 46.9%

(R) Ted Budd 50.9% WINNER

North Carolina House Races

N.C. District 1

(D) Don Davis 

(R) Sandy Smith

N.C. District 2

(D) Deborah Ross 65.5% WINNER

(R) Christine Villaverde 34.5%

N.C. District 3

(D) Barbara Gaskins 33%

(R) Greg Murphy 67% WINNER

N.C. District 4

(D) Valerie Foushee 66.7% WINNER

(R) Courtney Geels 33.3%

N.C. District 5

(D) Kyle Parrish 36.8%

(R) Virginia Foxx 63.2% WINNER

N.C. District 6

(D) Kathy Manning 53.7% WINNER

(R) Christian Castelli 45.2%

(L) Thomas Watercott

N.C. District 7

(D) Charles Graham 42.2%

(R) David Rouzer 57.8% WINNER

N.C. District 8

(D) Scott Huffman 30%

(R) Dan Bishop 70% WINNER

N.C. District 9

(D) Ben Clark 43.3%

(R) Richard Hudson 56.7% WINNER

N.C. District 10

(D) Pam Genant 27.1% WINNER

(R) Patrick McHenry 72.7%

N.C. District 11

(D) Jasmine Beach-Ferrara 44.4%

(R) Chuck Edwards 53.9% WINNER

(L) David Coatney

N.C. District 12

(D) Alma Adams 62.4% WINNER

(R) Tyler Lee 37.6%

N.C. District 13

(D) Wiley Nickel 51.3% WINNER

(R) Bo Hines 48.7%

N.C. District 14

(D) Jeff Jackson 57.4% WINNER

(R) Pat Harrigan 42.6%


SOURCE: CNN Politics

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