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Today on the Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by friend of the program Spencer Kimball of Emerson College polling to talk about the numbers across the country as we close in on election day.

Brett and Spencer begin by discussing the aftermath of the John Fetterman and Dr. Oz debate earlier this week in the race for Pennsylvania Senator before diving into the dramatic race between Ralph Warnock and Herschel Walker in Georgia for the same position with Kimball sharing which candidates have momentum 11 days before the election on Tuesday, November 8th.

Spencer also explains how the current state of the nation and politics has some new demographics leaning right this cycle as well as the difference he’s seeing between federal and gubernatorial races + what he thinks about the race between Cheri Beasley and Ted Budd in North Carolina and how the Republicans across the country have handled the abortion issue in their races.

If you have any questions about your voting place or registration status follow this link: