This is an interesting time to be alive, because one of the stories I’ll get into later on, is what’s happened to Beyond Meat and what’s happened to the Impossible Burger. And it’s not a debate about what it is you want to eat, you eat whatever you want to eat. That’s your business. Okay? Just don’t eat NyQuil chicken.
But the fact is, the company is those companies are regarded as so woke, that it’s become toxic for the stock. And I think what we have finally seen is the great pushback on woke. Woke has become cliche, woke has become something that invokes eye rolls by people. Oh, so we’re doing the woke thing. Okay, this is all woke. Alright, I got it. What happens when you get into that is sort of, like politically what you get into when you start to become obsessive about things that annoy your friends and neighbors like multilevel marketing and timeshares.

You start getting into that kind of stuff and then you’re telling everybody that you got to do this and you got to do it this way. You got to do it that way. I mean, that’s just how it’s got to be. Eventually people just go oh the your your timeshare guy. So you’re an MLM guy. I still have a crate of cosmetics in the back of my closet that my wife made us buy because we had a makeup party one day and I had to buy the $287 worth of lip gloss and eyeliner and I’m not I’m not trying to make fun of women who are independent businesswoman please understand what I’m saying. But when you get into like certain you get into certain things so the peloton, Pilates and other different things that become sort of the focus of your life woke is right there now I mean it is right there you believe anything you want to think I will defend even if it’s the craziest ideology under the sun you have a right to believe a crazy ideology I guess I mean that’s who you are.
I’m not joining it. I’m not doing it. I’m not marching in that parade.
But these companies and I’m going to get into a deeper these companies have become so totally paralyzed by an inability to sell their product because of what it represents this wokeness It doesn’t help that Bill Gates and those idiots that run around and gates land are telling you to eat bugs.