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Source: LOGAN CYRUS / Getty

A UNC Charlotte student was handcuffed as campus police investigated his religious ceremonial knife that he was wearing on his chest. From WSOC-TV:

According to a message sent to the UNC Charlotte community Friday, campus police responded to a 911 call regarding someone with a knife Thursday. Once at the student union, officers approached the person and put them in handcuffs. During the interaction, the university said police took an item from the person and then removed the handcuffs.

After further investigation, university officials said the object was a kirpan, an article of faith in Sikhism.

According to the Sikh Coalition, an organization that defends the civil rights of members of the religion, initiated Sikhs must have articles of faith with them at all times.

According to the statement from UNCC, state law and university policy “prohibit the possession of a knife or other edged instruments on campus.”

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