There isn’t much that Merrick murky Garland can do to Republicans. But the thing is, they both have a huge grudge to play out.

Merrick Garland feels like he was turned into a UNIQ. First of all, he was a sacrificial lamb thrown over the fence by Barack Obama, Barack Obama was never going to see him confirmed and he knew as much and he figured I’ll take somebody who was a Clinton loyalist and toss him over the fence.

And we’ll see how that plays out. He didn’t end up being a Supreme Court justice. Boy, are we lucky for that fact. The one good thing Mitch McConnell ever did, was making sure that he wouldn’t be a Supreme Court justice. Number two, Joe Biden, to this day, still feels like he’s not revered.

As much as former presidents Democrats loved Bill Clinton. In the early days, they loved Republicans loved Ronald Reagan, Republicans liked George W. Bush, especially after the attack on September the 11th. And Barack Obama was celebrated as an agent of change.

But that that aura didn’t transfer to Joe Biden, Joe Biden is an insecure president, who knows that he’s presiding over a failing economy with massive inflation.

And he’s forever going to be labeled as the guy that surrendered in Afghanistan. That means that every night Joe Biden goes to bed, he’s got to worry, we’re going to get attacked, and he’s going to get the blame. So what does all this mean?

It means that Washington, the swamp, the Department of Justice, the President of the United States, they’re going to do their best to try to hammer, annoy, pain, pinch, whatever it is, as many Trump supporters as possible. And the big mistake President Biden made was in giving that speech in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago, because it’s one thing to say whatever you want about the former guy, it’s something else to say that you view 75 million people as enemies of the Republic.

That’s a big, big blunder.

And now he thinks he can go back to normal business, talking about the Cancer Moonshot something I support. I am 100% in favor of fighting cancer, but he thinks if he talks about that, and the inflation Reduction Act and all that kind of stuff, stuff is going to be okay. It’s not going to be okay, Mr. President. It’s not like you had a few drinks and told the family off.

It’s more like you took your grudge and told America off.