Gordon Chang joins the show to talk about Russia and China. Listen Here:

There isn’t much that Merrick murky Garland can do to Republicans. But the thing is, they both have a huge grudge to play out. Merrick Garland feels like he was turned into a UNIQ. First of all, he was a sacrificial lamb thrown over the fence by Barack Obama, Barack Obama was never going to […]

Friend of the Brett Winterble Show +  author and lawyer Gordon Chang rejoined the program to discuss his article about why he thinks China is preparing for war. Chang shares the signs he’s seeing that indicate military preparation as well where he sees as possible targets for Chinese military action + his advice for our […]

"We're seeing from the Chinese propaganda that they look at what's going on with disarray. The incoherence in American foreign policy, and they think they can do whatever they want."

"When historians look back at this, they're going to wonder how this could have occurred."