Handgun range

Source: Nigel Jared / Getty

The largest survey of gunowners ever conducted sheds new light on the number of “defensive uses” of firearms.

From The Reload:

A survey of 16,708 gun owners provides updated answers to some of the most pressing questions surrounding guns in America.

The National Firearms Survey, conducted in 2021 and updated earlier this year, examines the breadth of gun ownership and the use of guns throughout the country. It found more minorities and women own guns than previous surveys indicated, half of gun owners report carrying a handgun for self-defense, and nearly a third report having used a firearm to defend themselves–a number that translates to over 1.6 million defensive uses per year. William English, the Georgetown University professor who created the survey, told The Reload it is the most comprehensive look at American gun ownership yet produced.

Also, as youth violent crime increases, cities are looking at ways to address it – including curfews and more “violence interruption” programs.