Is it time to have a national conversation about leftwing mass shooters? Listen Here:

Vince discusses the root of the issue when it comes to gun violence. Also, Transformation Tuesday. Listen Here:

The largest survey of gunowners ever conducted sheds new light on the number of “defensive uses” of firearms. From The Reload: A survey of 16,708 gun owners provides updated answers to some of the most pressing questions surrounding guns in America. The National Firearms Survey, conducted in 2021 and updated earlier this year, examines the […]

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Johnny Jennings is set to address the City Council tonight and give an update on crime stats in the Queen City. According to a report from WTVD: The Gun Violence Archive reported 29 shootings that led to a death or injury in Durham this past summer, which is a 31% decrease from […]

Swing state Democrats are hoping we all forget about their calls to defund the police, as they try to distance themselves and their party from the “voter perception” that they’ve been soft on crime.