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NC Congressman Dan Bishop says the FBI has become a political weapon and needs to be dismantled in its current form. The District 9 Republican cites the Russia-collusion hoax, lies to FISA courts to illegally obtain warrants, the raid on Mar-A-Lago, the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the different standards as applied to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.

Bishop says the FBI culture “has gone off the rails.” Bishop, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, says if the GOP wins control of the US House in the midterm election, he intends to push for a Church Committee-type investigation.

FBI whistleblowers have been coming forward to tell lawmakers about abuses and corruption in various field offices, as well.

But the most explosive allegation from inside the agency is that top brass told rank-and-file agents not to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop before the 2020 election.