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City Of Orlando, Theme Parks Empty As Coronavirus Threat Remains

Source: Alex Menendez / Getty

A family in South Carolina is picking up the pieces after police say their home was vandalized while on vacation.

Brian Kenny and his wife, Kara, returned home from a trip to Walt Disney World  on Sunday to discover their home had been broken into by neighborhood kids, causing nearly $40,000 worth of damage.

“They urinated on my computer to the point where they fried the inside and it started smoking,” Brian Kenny told WHNT-TV. “We got a brand new hot tub this summer that was one of our big purchases that they destroyed with a shovel.”

There was damage found throughout the Kenny household. TV’s were smashed to pieces, broken glass scattered everywhere, soda and glitter saturated on the floors and several holes left in the walls of almost every room.

“It was just beyond what we ever could’ve imagined,” Kara Kenny said.

A setback for the Kenny’s that will not only be costly to repair, but has damaged relationships inside their neighborhood.

The Horry County Police Department said that because the two people responsible for damaging the house are minors, they could not be charged due to their ages. To make matters worse, Police added that the vandalism was done intentionally. The kids told police they were playing outside the house and broke in to “get a drink.”

Kenny said he reached out to his homeowners insurance company, but they ultimately denied coverage for the act.

A GoFundMe page was set up by neighbors hoping to help with damages. As of Thursday morning, the fundraisers hit their $6,000 goal for clean up and repairs.