UPDATE 8:05 p.m. ET Thursday (1/7):

A US Capitol Police Officer has been taken off life support and died, after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher by a rioter yesterday.

The fifth person to die from the violent protests in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

UPDATE 11:20 p.m. ET: D.C. Police say Four people died as supporters of President Trump violently occupied the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

Washington, D.C., Police Chief Robert Contee said the deceased included a woman who was shot by the U.S. Capitol Police, as well as three others who died in “medical emergencies.”

Contee also said at least 52 people have been arrested. Officers recovered two pipe bombs at both the RNC and DNC offices, as well as multiple firearms and Molotov cocktails.

Congress successfully reconvened for a late session in both the House and Senate. They’re currently working into the night to affirm the Electoral College vote.

UPDATE 7:37 p.m. ET: Congress will reconvene later tonight after the Capitol is officially cleared. They’re expected to continue debate on the objection to Arizona’s electoral college votes.

Twitter has locked President Trump’s account and is reportedly requiring him to delete three inflammatory tweets that have incited violence and unrest.

Melania Trump’s chief of staff Stephanie Grisham has resigned effective immediately after today’s protests, CNN reports.

UPDATE 6:40 p.m. ET: Capitol police with assistance from the Virginia State Police, Maryland State Police and the National Guard cleared a majority of rioters off the grounds.

A 6 p.m. ET curfew that was previously announced is now in effect for the entire Washington D.C. area.

A woman who was shot in the Capitol earlier has died from her injuries. No other information was released by police on what prompted the shooting.

Bomb squad units reportedly found two explosive devices on the Capitol grounds and safely detonated them.

Original report 3:11 p.m. ET:

Thousands of President Trump’s supporters in Washington, D.C. breached security at the U.S. capitol on Wednesday.

This happened at the same time a joint session of Congress had adjourned to debate Arizona’s Electoral College votes in their respective chambers.

Many of those in attendance were protesting the official count to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. Following the lead of President Trump, who has falsely asserted that the presidential election was stolen from him. Trump appeared at a large rally before those supporters on the National Mall around noon ET. The crowd made their way to the capitol shortly after hearing the president’s speech about an hour later.

According to the Washington Post, “Throngs of protesters pushed past police who were trying to block them from entering the building as senators inside debated the certification of the presidential election. Some were able to breach security to successfully enter the building.”

Congress was called into recess after police came in contact with protesters outside the capitol and were told to shelter in place. CNN reported members of the House of Representatives given gas masks as an armed standoff was reportedly happening at the door of the House floor.

Police have asked for additional law enforcement assistance as more protesters flood into the capitol. Washington, D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser issued a 6 p.m. curfew for Washington D.C.

This story is developing.