North Carolina Republican lawmakers are looking to revamp the state Board of Elections – making it an 8-member body with equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans. The current system gives the Governor appointment power over all local and state boards – with majorities controlled by his party. Listen Here:

Vince discusses how the new North Carolina Voter I.D. law could affect 2024 elections. The News and Observer reports: With the new North Carolina Supreme Court decision that came Friday about using voter ID for elections, there could be changes ahead for voters in the 2024 presidential election. Challengers failed to prove lawmakers discriminated by […]

The North Carolina General Assembly passed one of the most lenient Voter ID laws in America – using court-approved legislation from other states, but leftist lawyers in robes still struck down the law. After Republicans won control of the state Supreme Court, lawmakers have another chance at getting the law enacted. Listen Here:

The North Carolina Supreme Court is deciding whether to re-hear the case over the state’s 2018 Voter ID law after the initial ruling was fast-tracked by Democrat judges before they lost their majority on the court. Listen Here:

The North Carolina Supreme Court fast-tracked an appeal of a lower court ruling that tossed out the state’s voter ID law. Listen Here:

In what even the McClatchy newspaper called a “”muddled” and “fuzzy” ruling, the four Democrats on the North Carolina Supreme Court said voters never should have been able to approve constitutional amendments adopting Voter ID and reducing the state income tax from 10% to 7%. The partisan-line vote sent the lawsuit back to a lower […]

In the final hour of the show, Pete talks more about Joe Biden's voter ID push and says that Biden is "calling the kettle black" when he accuses conservatives of being racist for not falling in line with his voter ID agenda...

In the second hour of the show, Pete criticizes President Joe Biden for his efforts pushing the voter ID law, and says it runs the risk of changing the constitutional laws already in affect protecting the election process...