Hey, Charlotte!  It’s time to light the torch again with Brett Jensen and The WBT Cigar Club!  Join us Thursday, June 20th, at F-D Cigar Company in Waxhaw!  Watch Brett host “Breaking with Brett Jensen” live, browse premium cigar brands including La Galera and enjoy giveaways courtesy of F-D Cigar Company!  It’s the WBT Cigar […]

Former Charlotte Mayor and former NC Governor Pat McCrory joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman talking about the continuing search for a new Speaker of the US House of Representatives as Mike Johnson is the latest nominee, former White House Chief of Staff under President Trump Mark Meadows granted immunity and communicating with prosecutors in Trump 2020 election case, No Labels political party on more and more ballots across the nation, and Beatties Ford road corridor crime.

Every Democrat in the House of Representatives voted to oust the Republican Speaker of the House yesterday. And while eight Republicans led the effort, Democrats don’t get to pretend they didn’t make the ouster happen. Listen Here:

Rep. Victoria Spartz asked US Attorney General Merrick Garland whether he was aware that people are scared of his agency. Unfortunately, he did not provide an answer. If the citizens no longer trust that law enforcement won’t target them, then we’ve lost the republic. Which it also looks like we’re trying to do with the […]

The US House censured Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for lying about the Steele dossier while he was a leader on an intelligence committee, and promulgating the fake story that Donald Trump had paid hookers in a Russian hotel room. Earlier in the day, Schiff argued with John Durham over his years-long probe into the origins […]

U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman joins Vince to talk about McCarthy’s chances to be selected as new House Speaker. POLITICO reports:   As Kevin McCarthy begins the final descent of his turbulent bid for the speaker’s gavel, Republicans are bracing to see whether he lands the plane or crashes and burns.  After weeks of intense, down-to-the-wire negotiations, […]

Control of the US House of Representatives is at stake, as state legislatures draw and adopt congressional district lines. While Democrats were attacking NC lawmakers for gerrymandering, Democrats in New York were gerrymandering the heck out of the Empire State. Plus, anti-insurrection riot apologists are threatening violence and protests at the homes of Supreme Court […]