What will the president do in response to the drone attack on US troops.  The Iraqi militia, responsible for the attack,  indicates that is halting attacks in Syria and Iraq.  Prolife activists were found guilty of violating civil rights in TN, instead of enforcing the border. Family in Montana is torn apart due to gender […]

The drone attack in Iraq happened because of a mix up identifying the drone. What should be our policy about our military all over the world? What could we do with the $30 billion sent to Ukraine? Is the money actually being used for the war? Joe Manchin is making noise about running for president. […]

The attack on US Troops in Iraq.  Thomas Massie , Congressman of the 4th District in Kentucky on the incident in the middle east and how we should handle it. The president has indicated we will retaliate, what is appropriate? Some in Congress are calling for very hawkish action. Former president Trump is saying that this […]

Listen here for this Friday episode of The Vince Coakley Radio Program! Vince starts the show by talking about another shooting in our Charlotte community and the crime issues in Charlotte in general before talking about the Carolina Panthers hiring a new general manager and head coach in Dan Morgan and Dave Canales with Chris […]

Vince talks about the growth of Charlotte and how housing costs continue to skyrocket. Also, more on South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s endorsement of Donald Trump. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

Former President Donald Trump won the New Hampshire caucus last night, but Nikki Haley insists on staying in the race for 2024 GOP Presidential nominee. Also, Vince shares a few aviation stories. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of President Biden and will allow border agents to remove razor wire installed on behalf of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Vince outlines the latest bipartisan deal on the table to handle the southern border crisis. With the New Hampshire caucus tonight, could we see Donald Trump take […]

In hour one a discussion about DeSantis dropping out of presidential race.  Discussion about the potential mental issues with Trump as well as Biden. Review of Nikki Haley’s comments about cognitive issues with Trump..In hour 2,  Senator Fetterman comments about immigration and he is a proponent of legal immigration. The Jet Blue merger with Spirit […]

Vince is live from the Union County Agricultural Center for the 32nd Annual Union County Crime Stoppers BBQ. Listen Here:

Vince shares a feel-good story to start your day. Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase, says Donald Trump was right about some key issues and that President Joe Biden is continuing to alienate voters. President Biden will travel to Raleigh today to talk about Bidenomics. Vince takes calls to get an idea on how some South […]