Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman entire Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 show.   5:05 Bo and Beth – latest on police shooting yesterday afternoon 5:20 Bo and Beth – Vi Lyles comments on shooting 5:35 Bo and Beth – Shooting cont. 5:50 Bo and Beth – Chief Johnny Jennings’s comments from yesterday […]

David Chadwick joins Bo and Beth in studio to talk about the tragic shooting that took place in Kansas City yesterday and to try and offer some hope for those suffering today.

Former FBI Assistant Director, Criminal Investigative Division, Chris Swecker, joins Bo and Beth on Good Morning BT to talk about the tragic shooting in Kansas City at a Super Bowl Parade. Chris gives insight as to what goes into the process of investigating an event like the incident yesterday in Kansas City.

Latest polling shows that independent voters are growing and rejecting both major parties. Vince recaps the Iowa caucus and previews the New Hampshire caucus. Also, more tragedy in Charlotte as a Garinger High School student was shot and killed yesterday after school. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

Not only did a 19-year old open fire in a crowded New Year’s Eve celebration in Uptown Charlotte, but police say a 15-year old was arrested for possessing a gun and assaulting a cop – but was turned loose by the courts. Listen Here:

North Carolina Democrats used the murder of a professor on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill to rally hundreds against Republican lawmakers – who they blamed, without evidence, for the attack. Listen Here:

In the wake of an on-campus murder, the head of the North Carolina Democrat Party called for a “reckoning” at the state capitol. Anderson Clayton screamed at a rally of students, “[T]he Republicans need to know that we are coming for them just as people right now are coming for us on our campuses, in […]

The gunman at UNC Chapel Hill apparently murdered his faculty advisor. Also, a homeless camp in Gastonia is broken up after a recent shooting left one of the inhabitants dead. Listen Here:

Over the weekend I tweeted: “Allow school personnel to conceal carry. Severely increase penalties for gun crimes and then actually charge them. Including teens. Offer grants for hardening security at schools. We’ve discussed these things for years. But Democrats don’t want to do them.” Outrage ensued. Listen Here:

Vince welcomes political scientist, Will Reilly, to the program to talk about racism in America. Also, another mass shooting in Louisville sparks a conversation on gun control.  Listen Here: