The AP reports:   Germany and the United States announced Wednesday that they will send advanced battle tanks to Ukraine, offering what one expert called an “armored punching force” to help Kyiv break combat stalemates as the Russian invasion enters its 12th month.  The announcement marked the first stage of a coordinated effort by the […]

The latest installment of the Twitter Files documents how Democrats and media pressured Big Tech to advance a conspiracy theory early in the Trump presidency. Listen Here:

The Biden Administration announced today that it had secured a prisoner exchange: WNBA player Brittney Griner for international arms dealer Viktor Bout — also known as The Merchant of Death. USA Today has more on Bout: Bout, 55, is a former Soviet military officer and translator who was serving a 25-year prison sentence for conspiring to kill Americans, acquiring […]

The trial of Igor Danchenko, the sub-source for the discredited Steele Dossier, was acquitted on four charges of lying to the FBI. Andrew McCarthy at National Review writes that the verdict is a blow to Russiagate special counsel John Durham, but it’s of secondary importance: From a public-interest standpoint, far more consequential was the prosecution’s proof of […]

The mainstream media would like Americans to believe that they are much more divided than they really are. Vince discusses why that is not the case. Russia launched a counterattack in Ukraine over the weekend after an attack on the Crimea bridge. NBC News has the story: Russia unleashed a barrage of deadly attacks on cities across Ukraine on Monday, hitting […]

Russia continues to fall back as Ukraine army presses on in their fight to take back territory occupied by Russian forces. FP reports:   For weeks, Ukraine had been using U.S.- and European-provided multiple launch rocket systems and artillery to systematically cut the bridges in Russian-occupied Kherson and wear down its troops with short, probing […]

  OPEC+ is cutting oil production which could lead to major spikes in oil prices. CNN has the story:   On Wednesday morning, OPEC+ oil ministers’ meeting in Vienna agreed to an even larger production cut than the White House had feared — 2 million barrels per day, beginning in November, according to a readout […]

Title 42 will not be lifted by Joe Biden. Delta decides to pay cabin workers before boarding and while Covid numbers are on the rise, there’s still good news. And more on the war in Ukraine.

Special Counsel John Durham drops a bombshell in court filings, calling the Trump-Russia collusion hoax a “conspiracy” involving the Hillary Clinton campaign. Plus, mounting evidence of Hunter Biden’s (and his family’s) corruption.

Our cybersecurity expert Theresa Payton joins Bo Thompson talking about the Federal Communications Commission adding Russian antivirus software maker Kaspersky to its national security threat list, Ukraine selling a new Russian-war themed NFT, and President Biden pushing for a US digital currency.