Tried Threads, bots are there too, but the newness of it is nice. The first and second cassettes I ever bought, and quality time spent in Spencer Gifts, Tarts and Record Bar on a Monday Memories podcast.

Kicking off season four of my Nebulous Ramblings podcast with kudos to the Kellar Radio Talent Institute and thoughts on the loss of the Titan submarine and her crew.

How the simple pleasure of freely roaming about, spending non-digital currency bothers some folks, and the similarity between politics and professional wrasslin'.


Limbaugh was one of the most influential media figures in American history.  "The Rush Limbaugh Show" began in 1988 and evolved into the top-rated program in syndication over the past four decades. The EIB Network show is aired on more than 600 stations, and heard by nearly 30 million people weekly.


As heard on 600+ radio stations coast-to-coast, WBT's Brett Winterble filled in for Rush Limbaugh on his nationally syndicated radio program Wednesday afternoon. The former producer for the most famous voice in talk radio lived out a dream by standing in for his former boss on the EIB Network.