Just as in the case of a ReOpen NC protester, two teachers got slapped with massive legal costs for dissenting. In the teachers’ case, they claimed First Amendment violations by their employer for forcing them to undergo critical race trainings. A Democrat judge ruled against the teachers and ordered them to pay the district $313,000. […]

Raleigh Police body cam footage released by independent journalist Stephen Horn shows officers assembling without masks or social distancing as they prepare plans to arrest citizens for assembling without masks or social distancing. Monica Ussery was arrested three years ago, and has been fighting the legal battle ever since.  

The three top officials of the Charlotte Area Transit System are out and now elected leaders who are supposed to oversee the system are shocked to find out how badly mismanaged the operation has been.

This episode is presented by Old Grouch’s Military Surplus — North Carolina Auditor Beth Wood pleaded guilty and was convicted for a hit and run car crash. Two men who helped her flee are also facing charges. She admitted in court she had two glasses of wine at the Christmas party just prior to the crash.

Hunter Biden had a mole inside the FBI who reportedly let Biden’s Chinese business partners that they were being investigated.

Get your weekend started on the Brett Winterble Show with the Friday Hangover with WBT host Pete Kaliner as Brett and Pete unpack the conviction and sentencing of Alex Murdaugh. Brett and Pete talk about the cinematic nature of the trial and share their thoughts on how the verdict came down + the motivations of […]

Matt Harris, co-host of podcast: Murdaugh Family Murders “Impact of Influence” discusses the conviction and sentencing of disgraced South Carolina lawyer, Alex Murdaugh. Plus, NC Auditor Beth Wood flees a reporter like she’s fleeing another car crash.

Tyler Voigt, Deputy Director of Americans For Prosperity North Carolina says he’s disappointed North Carolina Republican legislative leaders plan to expand Medicaid, after a decade of opposition to the idea. Voigt says the Personal Option is a better way to provide more health care than more government programs.

Disgraced South Carolina attorney and former head of the state’s Trial Lawyer Association, Alex Murdaugh, was convicted by a jury of murdering his wife and adult son. The judge in the case sentenced him to prison for the rest of his natural life.

The Murdaugh’s housekeeper said Alex asked Maggie and Paul to come to the hunting property the evening they were murdered there. She also said Alex asked her to come the day after the murders to “tidy up” the house.