The Carolina Journal reports: The North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission continues to oppose an injunction blocking its investigation into published comments from state Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls. Meanwhile, a court filing Thursday suggests Earls might consent to an interview with commission staff next Monday. Earls is appealing to the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals. She […]

Former North Carolina State Supreme Court judge Mike Morgan announced he is running for Governor. He’ll be up against the current Attorney General, Josh Stein, in the Democratic primary. Also, another leftwing activist gets appointed to the state’s high court. Listen Here:

Vince discusses how the new North Carolina Voter I.D. law could affect 2024 elections. The News and Observer reports: With the new North Carolina Supreme Court decision that came Friday about using voter ID for elections, there could be changes ahead for voters in the 2024 presidential election. Challengers failed to prove lawmakers discriminated by […]

After North Carolina voters approved a state constitutional amendment to implement voter ID, four Democrats on the NC Supreme Court overturned the will of the people. Voters ejected the Democrats from their majority on the bench, and the Republicans have now overturned that mistake. Listen Here:

The newly-elected Republican majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court tossed out three rulings made by the previous Democrat majority. Rulings on voter ID, redistricting, and felon voting were all overturned. Listen Here:

The North Carolina Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday on whether they overstepped their authority in imposing legislative maps last year. Plus, the GOP-controlled NC Senate easily passes Medicaid expansion. Listen Here:

From the Carolina Journal: Two weeks before they’re set to lose their majority, N.C. Supreme Court Democrats issued rulings Friday striking down the state’s photo voter identification law and the election map used for state Senate races. Both rulings featured party-line 4-3 splits, with the court’s four Democrats outvoting their three Republican colleagues. Voters unseated […]

Dallas Woodhouse joins me to discuss the historical roots of the “Independent State Legislature” theory, and says the NC Supreme Court’s actions over the past few years have done terrible damage to the court and the rule of law – which will take at least a generation to repair. Listen Here:

The North Carolina NAACP wants the state Supreme Court to force the Court of Appeals to expedite its order on voter ID and a state income tax cap before the Democrats lose their 4-3 majority on the high court. Listen Here:

Control of the North Carolina Supreme is up for grabs in the midterm election. There are two seats held by Democrats right now, but if the Republicans are able to win one of them, they would hold a majority. Right now, Democrats have a 4-3 majority. The potential flipping of the court has media Very […]