Charlotte-Mecklenburg leftists are very worried that three candidates (one Democrat and two unaffiliated) are secretly conservatives. There is no evidence of this, but they are still very worried. Listen Here:

“The money allocated for vouchers is money the public school system badly needs. North Carolina should be investing voucher money into building strong public schools that benefit all students instead of subsidizing private schools for a few   Listen Here:

As the North Carolina House goes through its budget proposal – and reading/voting on the House floor was scheduled to begin today – an item on Page 171 is actually the funding for a bill that has been introduced in the Senate. Senate Bill 406, called “Choose Your School, Choose Your Future,” is a plan […]

A bill that would dramatically expand the Opportunity Scholarship program to all students regardless of their family’s income moved forward in the Senate on Wednesday. The chamber’s committee on education gave the bill a favorable report. Next, the bill must go to the Senate appropriations committee. Listen Here:

Tyler Voigt, the Deputy State Director at Americans For Prosperity – NC, discusses House passage of an expansion school vouchers. Plus, an awkward and cringey exchange during the floor debate. Listen Here:

A celebration is in Raleigh as the North Carolina legislature prepares to pass a sweeping school choice law with enough votes to override an expected veto from Gov. Roy Cooper. Corey DeAngelis and Tyler Voigt discuss the snowballing effort to implement school choice in a growing number of states. Listen Here:

Anti-school choice lawmakers and pundits call the proposed expansion of North Carolina’s school voucher system “reverse RobinHoodism.” But Robin Hood reclaimed from the government the wealth taken from the peasants. So, vouchers are more like Robin Hood than not. Listen Here:

Two proposals making their way through the North Carolina legislature’s two chambers would greatly expand the existing school voucher system. The Republican lawmakers appear likely to have enough votes to override the Democrat Governor’s veto. Listen Here:

The North Carolina Senate is weighing a proposal to expand the Opportunity Scholarship program, to allow more students to access tuition grants for K-12 schools. Democrats say it will destroy the current  government-run model. Listen Here:

North Carolina legislators unveiled a proposal today that would expand the state’s school voucher program and merge it into the Personal Education Savings Accounts program. Outrage ensues. Listen Here: