A bill that would dramatically expand the Opportunity Scholarship program to all students regardless of their family’s income moved forward in the Senate on Wednesday. The chamber’s committee on education gave the bill a favorable report. Next, the bill must go to the Senate appropriations committee. Listen Here:https://omny.fm/shows/vince-coakley-podcast-1/north-carolina-bill-could-open-private-school-vouc/embed?style=Cover

The problem plaguing our schools are symptoms of what is occurring in the society. As such, the solution is not to simply increase funding. Listen Here:

Pete’s Twitter fight with an education activist is a perfect exampled of the emotional blackmail used to constantly increase spending. Listen Here:

As the school buses get rolling across North Carolina, one elected official from Asheville is calling for teachers to strike if state lawmakers don’t use a budget surplus to increase teacher pay. Buncombe County Commissioner Amanda Edwards wrote on Facebook: “The time is right for a statewide teacher strike.” She predicted that K-12 employers would […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi damaged the credibility of the January 6th Committee by blocking Republican appointments. But that shouldn’t mean ignoring new information the committee produces. Plus, NC Republican lawmakers unveil their $27.9 billion budget proposal.

In voicing their opposition to proposed changes in the NC teacher compensation program, education activists inadvertently make the argument that it’s impossible to distinguish the good teachers from the bad ones.

A brief rundown of North Carolina’s recent history on teacher pay illustrates how leftist education activists want teacher pay to be based only on tenure and college degrees.

A draft “licensure reform” plan is being considered by the North Carolina State Board of Education. Activists are attacking the inclusion of student test scores as a performance-based metrics. As well as assessments from other teachers.

Pete dives into where funding for NC education really goes and voter reform laws.