North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry was one of the lead Republican negotiators on the debt ceiling deal. He said he’s disappointed it couldn’t be a more conservative bill, but it had to get past the Democrat-controlled Senate and White House. Listen Here:

North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop was the only opposing vote in the House on the debt ceiling deal. Listen Here:

Vince talks about the debt ceiling deal and why some on both sides of the aisle believe it’s a bad deal. More boycotts are likely on the way after Target outrage. Plus, Therapeutic Thursday. Listen Here:

As House Freedom Caucus members in Congress rail against the debt ceiling deal negotiated with the President, details of the bill seem at odds with the messaging being delivered by proponents. Listen Here:

Limited government advocates are very unhappy with the debt ceiling deal negotiated by US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden. But some Republicans say this is the first step needed to start to “right the ship” – and that the GOP doesn’t have the leverage to extract concessions from the Democrats who control […]

What’s in the negotiated debt ceiling deal? Why are some Republicans opposed to it? Why are Democrats outraged over it, too? Listen Here:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy struck a deal with President Joe Biden to raise the debt ceiling. Some House Republicans are not pleased with the deal. Vince gives his thoughts. Vince discusses the topic of abortion and takes calls. Also, Transformation Tuesday. Listen Here:

The White House has been silent about the Chinese spy balloon and 3 other unidentified objects that were shot down over the last week. NBC News reports:   There are many theories but precious few answers after the U.S. downed three unidentified airborne objects in as many days over the weekend.  Now the White House — under […]

What does reaching the debt ceiling mean for social security? CNBC reports:   Now that the U.S. has hit the debt ceiling, lawmakers need to revisit the federal budget and find ways to make cuts, Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat representing West Virginia, said in interviews this weekend.  But that should not include cuts to Social Security […]

Vince discusses government spending. The Hill Has more:   Republicans in Congress have been eager to position themselves as the fiscally responsible counterweight to what they consider budget-busting and inflation-increasing overspending from the Biden administration. But just two weeks into their new majority, House Republicans have shown their true colors, and it’s more likely than not that […]