Our media expert Dr. Robert Thompson joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman remembering the life and career of Olivia Newton-John who died yesterday at age 73.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett dissects how the new gas tax will affect the common American’s wallet. For More information, follow the the link here.  

For a talk show host to be able to talk about tax increases on a Monday is is really quite something, it shows you where we are in this country. You just witnessed what we could call the Great Biden train robbery that took place over the weekend. But I don’t want to just pummel […]

Brad Slager in for Pete Kaliner: Democrats continue to use the term racist when describing their republican colleges. Julio Rosas, Field Reporter for, joins the broadcast. Also, Jim Thompson, Political Cartoonist at, joins the program.

Brad Slager in for Pete Kaliner: More on the Inflation Reduction Act. Is climate change being blown out of proportion by the media? Also, the media will do anything to stop republicans.

Brad Slager filling in for Pete Kaliner: Brad talks about what’s actually in the Inflation Reduction Act. Plus, Joseph Vasquez, writer for Newsbusters, joins the show to talk about media bias.

In this hour, President Biden’s comments on unemployment and inflation. More woke pandering by corporations. Plus, Vince discusses abortion.

In this hour, Vince breaks down the new inflation reduction bill. Ukraine continues to get aid from the U.S. but what about our citizens at home? Plus, Vince takes your calls.

Earlier this week on Charlotte at Six we told you about the world’s longest yard sale, stretching for nearly 700 miles from Alabama to Michigan. Today Mark checked in with a vendor to see what kinds of crazy items are up for sale along US Highway 127.

Today on Good Morning BT, a tribute to Sam Mills, Brett Jensen live from Ukraine, Sean O’Connel from Cinemablend, The Big Three for the Week, john Hancock with Big Weekend, and more.

Sean O’Connell, movie critic – CinemaBlend Joins Good morning BT to discuss movies and entertainment topics.

The only remaining wild jaguar in North America — known as El Jefe — has been sighted in Mexico for the first time in seven years. Brett talks about the importance of this big cat to what scientists know and can still learn about this particular species of jaguar and about why he’s a cat […]