Father's Day Guest - David's son in Studio reflects on this great day.  Shares his thoughts on Fatherhood! David covers the Top 8 Tips for being a great Father!

Guest - Representative Dan Bishop helping us understand the craziness with the Donald Trump verdict. An attack on our system of justice!  Excellent discussion with our US Representative!

Declining Birthrate around the World and it's Implications! Economic consequences, future talent, and implications for families and their elderly members!

Conversation with a 96-year-old WWII Veteran, Marilynn's father. He shares his life, his calling and his thoughts on our country and all those who have served! 

Seg 1:  History of Jewish Hatred Seg 2: This is a Spiritual Anger and how it all started in heaven Seg 3:  Jesus and Satan Seg 4:  All the demonic influences through the ages to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.

Mother's Day w/Guest - Marilynn Chadwick - the gift of motherhood.  Lessons learned, advice for mothers. Valuable stories of motherhood.  A tribute to all who provide motherly love. Aunts, Grandmothers, and Teachers!

Rock Hill Police Chief Chris Wyatt and Charlotte City Councilmen Tariq Bokhari share their thoughts on the terrible death of 4 police officers this past week.  The life of an officer, the impact on their families and how we in the community can support them.

WBT's Mark Garrison, his career, his faith journey and heartfelt stories along the way!

Handling Grief - how to process the loss of a loved one, especially a child. And why does this happen..... The biblical messages on death and grief and the 5 steps of dealing with grief!

We showcase 5 of his songs.....as he shares his life story, love for music and how he uses his God given talents to inspire others in their faith journey!