Hey, Charlotte!  It’s time to light the torch again with Brett Jensen and The WBT Cigar Club!  Join us Thursday, June 20th, at F-D Cigar Company in Waxhaw!  Watch Brett host “Breaking with Brett Jensen” live, browse premium cigar brands including La Galera and enjoy giveaways courtesy of F-D Cigar Company!  It’s the WBT Cigar […]

Vince gives the latest news out of the Middle East. Chris McClain from The Mac and Bone Show on WFNZ, joins the program to talk about the Carolina Panthers first win of the season. We’re finding out more about the Maine mass shooter and that there were many red flags before the shooting took place. […]

Bo and Beth welcome Fonda Bryant to talk about mental health and suicide prevention during suicide prevention month. Pete discusses the Biden administration’s push for the use of electric vehicles and how it’s affecting the car manufacturing industry. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

Pandemic lockdowns isolated people who now report loneliness and inability to get “back to normal.” Plus, “Progressives are incentivized to catastrophize” says… Matt Yglesias?! Listen Here:

In the wake of new CDC data, social psychologist Jon Haidt argues: “There is now a great deal of evidence that social media is a substantial cause, not just a tiny correlate, of depression and anxiety, and therefore of behaviors related to depression and anxiety, including self-harm and suicide.” Listen Here:

In this hour, Transformation Tuesday. More on inflation. Also, Vince takes calls on the topics of mental health and Donald Trump.

In this hour, Vince speaks on the recent comments made by President Biden and Beto O’Rourke. Also, new polling numbers are out.

In this hour, Vince discusses the new restrictions Oklahoma has placed on abortion. Plus, America is dealing with a mental health crisis.

Vince focuses on the wisdom of allowing kids to be connected too early and on our mental health  since covid, and the war on Ukraine.

In segment one Vince discussed the spending bill and restriction on abortion spending. Segment two was about Covid, Ukraine and the Russian economy and how this will also affect us. Segment three were on an article by Dr laura on kids, cellphones and mental health.

Kerr Putney Reflects on the Mental Health Challenges of Young People