Beth welcomes Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio to the show to discuss what she has been doing to improve Mecklenburg County and what’s on the horizon.

Author and writer David Fleming joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson, Beth Troutman and John Hancock to talk about his new book "Who's Your Founding Father?: One Man's Epic Quest to Uncover the First, True Declaration of Independence."

The Charlotte Ledger reports that more people moved away from Mecklenburg County than moved in. The only reason the population grew was because of births. Good thing Charlotte voters just re-elected City Council members to maintain the status quo!

A federal lawsuit alleges Mecklenburg Sheriff’s deputies at the jail failed to take steps to prevent a teen’s suicide, then covered it up. Also, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board votes to fire Supt. Earnest Winston.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg continues to grow, but it’s slowing down. Meanwhile, surrounding counties are booming. What does that mean for the future of Uptown? When do the costs of living in a city outweigh the benefits?

WBT's Brett Jensen joins Bo Thompson in studio talking about the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners rescinding the county mask ordinance effective February 26th, the family of Bob Saget getting a temporary injunction blocking the release of additional records related to his death, and WBT's 100th Anniversary Celebration coming April 9th.

In the first hour of the show, Chad Adams - filling in for Pete - talks about the lowest number of COVID cases in Mecklenburg County in quite some time and also talks about a funny story about legislation proposed in Nantucket about gender equal topless sunbathing being allowed on their beaches. 

In the second hour of the show, Pete talks about the news that Mecklenburg County Comissioner Ella Scarborough will go on unpaid medical leave and will not seek re-election. Pete also talks about her supposed inactivity during the County Comission's digital meetings over the last several months despite her vote counting toward key measures in Charlotte

In the first hour of the show, Pete talks about Mecklenburg County's response to outing the un-vaccinated in an accidental email wasn't really an apology at all. 

NC-13 Congressional Candidate Tyler Lee joins Pete to talk about his campaign, representing parts of Mecklenburg County in Washington, and how he is different from fellow candidate Madison Cawthorn.