Vince gives the latest news out of the Middle East. Chris McClain from The Mac and Bone Show on WFNZ, joins the program to talk about the Carolina Panthers first win of the season. We’re finding out more about the Maine mass shooter and that there were many red flags before the shooting took place. […]

A manhunt is underway in Maine for a mass shooter. Blue counties inflate red state homicide rates. Republicans live longer than Democrats but only if they live among fellow Republicans. Listen Here:

Mike Johnson (LA) has been chosen as the new House Speaker. Vince gives his take on the choice. A tragic mass shooting took place in Maine last night. Also, Therapeutic Thursday. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

A racist white guy targets black people in a mass shooting in Florida. But it’s apparent there were warning signs that went ignored prior to the attack. Listen Here:

Is it time to have a national conversation about leftwing mass shooters? Listen Here:

If Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Commanders, he should rename the team (again). In California over the weekend, media and police put out a description of an alleged gunman that provided no value. Telling people to look out for a man is not going to help catch the maniac. Listen Here:

More classified documents have been discovered at President Biden’s Delaware home. NBC reports:   Six additional items, including documents with classified markings, were found in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home after Justice Department officials searched the residence Friday, the president’s personal attorney said Saturday.  The search was prompted by the White House, not the Justice Department, […]

In this hour, more on the upcoming January 6th hearings. Also, will the term “mass shooting” become overused because of recent events?

Media promotes Democrats’ long-sought gun control measures, but rarely examines its own role in the social contagion of mass shootings.

In this hour, Vince talks about the shootings that took place this weekend in Buffalo and California. Plus, more comments on abortion from governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts.