In this hour, Vince dives into inflation and Jeff Bezos’ recent comments on Joe Biden’s response to inflation. Plus, Netflix telling employees that they can quit if they are offended by the current programming.

Inflation continues to eat away at Americans’ income. Meanwhile, what’s behind the shortage of baby formula?

In this hour, Chris talks about the effects of inflation. Also, Joe Biden’s recent comments on the reasons for inflation.

Vince talks Title 42 and illegal immigration in America. The war in Ukraine pushes on. Plus, the massive failure that is CNN+.

Transformation Tuesday: Profess without possessing. Vince also discusses the latest on Elon Musk and Joe Biden’s mental health.

In this hour, Pete dives into the Hunter Biden laptop situation and how evidence was swept under the rug by most media outlets. He also discusses felons being able to vote.

In the first hour of the show, Vince talks about what's going on in Washington right now and how they are ruining this country. Vince talks about how the FBI ruined the life of Seattle entrepreneur Amy Sterner Nelson in a probe.  

In the first hour of the show, Pete welcomes in NC-73 candidate Brian Echevarria whose comments at a local school board went viral as he spoke out against critical race theory. Pete then discusses the importance of education in the next Presidential election and if that could be a key factor in Democrats losing their grip on Washington politics. 

In the first hour of the show, Vince puts the blame for the Russian military escalation with Ukraine solely at the feet of President Joe Biden for his failures at handling the situation

In the second hour of the show, Pete ponders whether the real reason mask mandates are ending all over the country - including in Mecklenburg County - is because Joe Biden wants a sense of a "return to normal" before his first "State Of The Union" address.